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The Blackbird is one of our most common and familiar birds. It is particularly numerous in gardens, but can be found almost everywhere in Britain & Ireland, apart from the highest ground (British Trust for Ornithology, 2023).


Our Blackbird metal silhouette is a great edition to any nature lover’s garden. Our birds look fantastic tapped into trees, fence posts and garden sheds, to name just a few!


Please note birds will arrive with an imperfect finish due to the manufacturing process and nature of corten steel. Any imperfections will not be visible within a few weeks of exposure to the elements as the natural patina develops.


Please share where you install yours by tagging us on Instagram @garden_silhouettes


  • Dimensions: 25cm wide x 16.5cm high

  • Shipping is £4.00 per item Royal Mail first class delivery. We currently only ship to the United Kingdom.

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