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Designed to not only inspire, but to provide a positive impact on our lives and the lives of our wildlife.


Garden silhouettes, a British company, was formed to create exceptional quality and sensitively designed garden art pieces, manufactured here in the United Kingdom. The aim of our pieces is to complement the garden of every nature lover with a beautiful silhouette of British birds and animals, whilst positively contributing to the conservation of British wildlife and the environment.


A proportion of our sales from the purchases you make is donated to the British Trust for Ornithology, to help the charity continue their invaluable work ensuring the beautiful birds and wildlife of Great Britain are protected for generations to come. 


We support conservation by raising awareness using our products & social media presence, and tangibly through donations to charities.


A small, family-owned business, all our products are designed and manufactured right here in the UK.  Whilst it is possible to obtain cheap, low-quality manufacturing overseas, we do not believe this is ethical.  We think it is important to support the British manufacturing industry, ensuring fair wages are paid to workers.  In doing so we eliminate unethical labour practices and costly carbon emissions that come from far away factories and international transportation of goods, allowing us to have a very low carbon footprint. 


Our UK made products are hand-packed by us and delivered to you directly from our warehouse in Windsor. By purchasing our products, you are directly supporting the British design and manufacturing industry, all those who work within our supply chain, and lowering emissions.


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Our Metal Birds and Animals are made using sustainable 

Corten® Steel or ‘Weathering Steel’ as it’s sometimes referred to. Used in high quality, outdoor sculpture and architecture projects, Corten® steel quickly develops a beautiful, natural patina that seals the steel when it is exposed to the elements, preserving it for generations. The result is a beautiful, timeless colouring that will slowly darken as time passes. Owing to the manufacturing process there may initially be some light blemishes / discoloured areas visible on your new bird.  This is perfectly normal and a characteristic of the rustic Corten metal material.  These marks will quickly darken and disappear once the product is installed outside and exposed to the elements.


Hello and welcome to Garden Silhouettes.


I grew up beside a quiet stretch of the river Thames opposite a bird sanctuary, and spent my childhood watching birds & animals in the trees and on the banks of the river. This left me with a deep and nostalgic love of nature and a passion to see our environment conserved for future generations to enjoy. 


Both of my parents were designers and my father worked for years in the metal manufacturing industry, producing creative metal artworks for outdoor applications. I grew up drawing and photographing the nature around me, as well as making my own designs in my father’s factory.


These experiences have left me with a strong appreciation for good design and a desire to support British manufacturing and the wildlife which had such an impact on me as a child. 


I’m delighted that you can join us on our journey in supporting our birds and animals, whilst making gardens and habitats around us look even more beautiful.


Best wishes

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